Regulations and recommendations for travelers

From Alsa we fully comply with the regulations and recommendations of the competent authorities (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport).

Safety and hygiene measures for traveling

Try to follow these minimum safety and hygiene recommendations to guarantee your safety and that of everyone:

Avoid traveling if you have symptoms Avoid traveling if you have symptoms

If you think you have symptoms of COVID, do not travel, change or cancel your ticket. We have made our policy of changes and cancellations more flexible, which you can consult here .

Remember that the most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, dry cough and tiredness . Other less frequent symptoms are: nasal congestion, headache, diarrhea, loss of taste and / or smell ...

Mandatory use of masksMandatory use of masks


Royal Decree 286/2022 of 19 April amending the requirement to wear face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic maintains the obligation to wear face masks on air, rail, cable and bus transport, as well as on all public transport more generally.

This means that passengers will NOT be permitted to board unless they are correctly wearing a face mask or carrying the relevant exemption certificate. Passengers may be held liable for any failure to comply with this rule or be required to leave the vehicle.

You can find more information about the use of masks here . Remember to bring enough masks depending on the duration of the trip and the manufacturer's instructions.

Avoid consuming food on boardAvoid consuming food on board

It is recommended not to consume food during the trip on board the bus and not to speak with other passengers or by phone , to reduce the spread of the virus through aerosols. Remember that it is mandatory to wear a mask throughout the journey, except to drink water.

Purchase on the web and self-selling machinesPurchase on the web and self-selling machines

Buy your ticket on our website, app or at the vending machines present in all our points of sale.

There is no need to print your ticket; you can show it in digital format with your ID card to access the coach.

Currently, in most of the points of sale we have self-selling machines for managing tickets and fertilizers. If you need help with its handling, use the "remote help" button on the machine itself or even from the personnel who are available at that time.

Do not change your seatDo not change your seat

You must sit in the allocated seat shown on your ticket to avoid taking another passenger’s allocated seat.

If you wish to choose a different seat, you can do so by using the option "change seats” during the purchase process.

Block the seat next to you Block the seat next to you

If you want to travel more quiet and comfortable , now you can block the seat next to you and travel without anyone by your side.

Your safety is everyone's safetyYour safety is everyone's safety

Act with empathy and respect for others, your safety is everyone's safety.

Follow the rules set by the authorities and pay attention to the on-board posters and instructions from staff. We recommend wearing a face mask at the bus station and on the platform as well as on the bus.