Frequent Traveller Pass

Travel more for less

Do you travel often? If you are an Alsaplus customer, make the most of your trips with your Frequent Flyer Pass.

Using it is very simple:

  • Select one of the hundreds of available routes.
  • Choose the pass that best suits you, according to the number of trips you want to make.
  • Travel saving up to 50%.

Discover the smartest way to move and with the greatest savings for our faithful travelers.

Frequent Traveller Pass conditions

Pass conditions

  • Validity: from the date of purchase of the first ticket. The travel deadline must be within the validity period of the pass.
  • The pass is nominative, personal and non-transferable.
  • Can be cancelled as long as it is unused.
  • Available only for selected regular return services.
  • For sale exclusively via the Alsa website.
  • Variable duration - depending on the number of trips selected.
  • This offer may not be combined with other promotions or discounts, except with the large family.
  • Available only for one daily use with the same Arrival and Departure point.
  • Jouneys must be made within the period of validity of the pass, regardless of the date of purchase.

Ticket conditions

  • Tickets issued using the travel pass may be changed but not be cancelled.
  • Each trip counts as a single route.
  • Available only for daily use with the same Origin and Destination.